Account Setup
How do I set-up an account?.
Setting up an account is quick and simple. Click the "Login/Register" button at the top right of the page. Complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*) then click "Register" when done. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the process. Please check your Junk or Spam folder if you don't receive it almost immediately.
File Preparation
What format should my file be to process an order?.
We strongly recommend hi-res PDF's with bleed for the quickest turnaround but also acceptable are Illustrator AI and EPS, Photoshop TIFF, JPG and flattened PSD files.
What Colour Mode should my file be?.
Your files should always be in CMYK, anything else may result in a colour shift when other colour modes are converted.
What resolution is preferred?.
Images and artwork should be 300DPI.
1/8" Bleed necessary for all files.
Each file requires a 1/8" bleed. So what is a bleed? Bleed is the artwork extended out of the trim margin on all sides to allow for cutter variance. Failing to provide bleed information and crop marks will result in a thin white border along all edges. For this reason, if your file doesn't include bleed your order cannot be completed & we will request a proper file to continue.
All important text and images must be within the safe margin (1/16" away from trim mark).
Safe Margins are 1/16" away from the cut line. Safe margins are guideline borders which make sure everything within the safe margins will not be cut off when trimmed down to the final size.
All images and type must be embedded or outlined.
All files must have embedded images and outlined type, in order to process your order. For a tutorial on how to embed images in Adobe InDesign: "Window" > "Links" (choose the image from the list) > click on the arrow and select "Embed Image". To convert to outlines, select your text box > "Type" > select "Create Outlines".
We highly recommend customers avoid borders. The reason for this is that if the border is too close to the cut line, it may result in the final product being slightly off-center.
Proper Orientation
To ensure proper orientation, 1-sided jobs should consist of 1 PDF with 1 page; 2-sided jobs should consist of 1 PDF with 2 pages HEAD TO HEAD. Please see the examples below.
We print using work and turn; therefore, files must be imposed properly to back up properly. Here is a following example of how files should be set:
Check files for "overprint" issues
"Overprinting" is the process of printing 1 colour over top of another. If you do NOT want this to happen, be sure the "overprint" option is turned off and switched to "knockout" in your document. In the example below (right), the file was NOT switched to "overprint" but the text is visible on the screen. When printed (left), the white text did not show up because it wasn't selected, but the text showed up on the screen on the right. Please note, our file preview does not indicate "overprint" or not, therefore it is critical that you ensure your file is set-up properly before submitting to us.
Transparency Issues with PMS colours
Transparency effects are ideally for displaying on screens, but not preferred for print because they will cause ripping issues and elements to disappear. To avoid these, do not use any shadows, glows or transparency on top of a spot colour.
Rich Black and Total Ink Coverage
We are limited to maximum ink coverage of 300%; exceeding this may result in many issues including cracking. To achieve a rich black, we recommend the values of 30C 20M 20Y 100K.
Black Text
We will always require 100% K for black text (C0, M0, Y0, K100). Rich black should not be used for type or thin lines because it will result in fuzziness and misregistration issues.
Blues and Purples
Blues and Purples have always been a problem in the printing industry because the two colours are so close together in the CMYK spectrum. In order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Cyan and Magenta Values. (Example C100/M85/Y0/K0) For print to look blue, Cyan>Magenta by 15% For print to look purple, Cyan < Magenta by 15%
Red and Orange
Red and Orange are also problematic for the same reason, they are too close to each other in the CMYK spectrum. Again, in order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Magenta & Yellow values (eg. C0/M100/Y85/K0). For print to look red, Magenta must be greater than Yellow by 15%; for print to look orange, Magenta must be less than Yellow by 15%.
Vector vs Raster
Vector images use mathematical equations to define each component of the image, allowing it to retain its high quality at an size. A raster image is composed of tiny dots called pixels, and when they're small & placed close together, it fools the eye into forming a single image. Raster images work great when subtle gradations of colour are necessary for a small enough image but the quality will suffer when enlarged or otherwise transformed. This is why we highly recommend fonts and logos be vector for print with maximum clarity.
Order Jobs
How do I get an instant quote?.
The right pane that allows you to select products, quantities and other options, will also give you a running total.
What is the low-res preview?.
The low-res preview is strictly for you to ensure the correct file has been uploaded. It is in no way a proof to be approved and will not have been preflight, ripped, nor will it indicate "overprint" or not.
How do I pay for my print work?.
Once you have reviewed your order, you will be asked to provide either a Visa or MasterCard to process the payment immediately. After your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that will include your invoice.
Manage Account
How do I change my account information?.
Click on "Manage Account" to access your information and make any edits.
Which shipping service do you offer?.
We ship with FedEx where you can choose from FedEx Ground or FedEx Express. For Local Deliveries in the GTA you can also choose PrintBuy Shipping service.
Can we split ship jobs to different locations?.
Sorry, each job can be shipped to only one location.
Can PrintBuy ship directly to my customer?.
Absolutely, we blind ship all our jobs. When filling in the shipping information, you can provide your's or your client's email to where the FedEx or PrintBuy Shipping tracking number will be sent.
Can I use my own shipping account?.
Unfortunately, not at this time.
Can PrintBuy combine my shipments?.
Shipments can only be combined if they are ordered at the same time, within the same order.
Which locations do you ship to?.
With FedEx, we can ship anywhere in the world.
General FAQ
How do I request a Sample Kit?.
Need to show your clients a print sample? Request a Sample Kit by emailing us at Include your name, company name and mailing address in the body of your message and we'll mail out a sample kit as soon as possible via Canada Post.
What do I do if there is a problem with my job?.
If there is a problem with your printed job please contact us at In your email, please include the job number, a detailed description of the problem and a picture or scan of the product for visual quality control. After we have received your email, a representative will contact you.
Where can I download guides to help me design my artwork?.
You can download guides by clicking the Layout Templates button located on the top navigation bar.
How do I request a custom size?.
If there is a size not currently available on our website, you can request it by filling out the quote form located on the top right of the navigation bar.
How to I contact production about special instructions regarding my job?.
Contact us at with exact detailed special instructions BEFORE placing your order. Once we've determined if they can be done, we will send you a reference #. Please include this reference # when placing your order.
What if I have a custom job that is not available on the PrintBuy web site?.
No problem, send a detailed email to and you will get a response within 24 hours.
Can I make changes to my orders after my order has been placed?.
PrintBuy is highly automated and depending on many factors, we may not be able to accommodate change requests. Although, you can "CLICK HERE", fill out the change request form and you should expect a response within 24 hours.
How do I report a problem with my order?.
Please "CLICK HERE" and fill out the form to report a problem.
How are refunds or credit issues processed?.
If a credit is required, we will issue a credit note that can be used towards your next order. Any refunds must be processed back to the credit card used to make the original payment, but will incur a 5% service charge of the total amount.
What happens if my file is rejected?.
Once your job is submitted, it goes directly to our prepress department for preflighting. If they confirm if your file is not printable, they will send an automated email to you requesting a proper file be resubmitted. The email will provide a link allowing you to re-upload a new file under the same job number; please do not re-order your job as a new job.